10 Reasons Taylor Swift’s Youth Is Similar To Yours

March 12, 2014

She might be one of the world’s top country artists with seven Grammys to her name, but in many ways, Taylor Swift was just your typical American young adult. Now at age 24, Swift got her start as a singer at the age of 14 when she moved to Nashville, the heart of country music.

As she watched her success rise, Swift simultaneously enjoyed some very normal teen and young adult behavior. Sure, Swift’s life in the spotlight isn’t exactly like your average young adult’s, but she has certainly had some decidedly average young adult experiences. Here’s how Taylor Swift’s youth is similar to yours.

1. She’s looking for love


Swift is perhaps as famous for her romances as she is for her number-one hits. With dalliances with everyone from teen heartthrobs Joe Jonas and Harry Styles to older men like Jake Gyllenhaal and John Mayer, Swift has certainly experienced the ups-and-downs of young love.

2. She gets revenge


Swift is no stranger to using her real-life romances to inspire her songwriting. Much like a jaded teen might exact revenge on her ex, Swift does the same, only for the entire world to see and hear. Apparently songwriting is an effective post-breakup therapy, as Swift’s exes Joe Jonas and John Mayer returned the favor with songs rumored to be about her.

3. She gets bullied


When the always gracious Swift was thanking fans for her 2009 MTV Video Music Award, Kanye West infamously stormed on stage, stole the microphone, and declared Beyonce the deserving winner of the Best Female Video award.

While Swift may have been bullied in a much more public forum than other high schoolers, her experience is probably something many young adults can relate to.

4. She upsets her neighbors


Your average American young adult might irk the neighbors with late-night parties. Swift hasn’t exactly formed an ideal relationship with her new neighbors in Rhode Island. Her desire to build a sea wall on her property has displeased her new neighbors, who are sick of the construction and associated noise.

It’s no late-night party, but Swift’s neighborhood squabble has damaged her relationship with her new neighbors.

5. She texts


Texting is every young adult’s go-to form of communication, and Taylor Swift is no different. In fact, her first big celebrity relationship with Jonas ended with a simple, yet rather harsh, text. Rumors swirled that Jonas dumped Swift via text, something only a 21st century young adult can relate to.

6. She has BFFs


Swift and BFF Selena Gomez are spotted everywhere, from red carpets to sandy beaches. Swift loves her best friends just like every young adult.

7. She loves to dance


If you’ve seen Swift in the crowd at an awards show, you know that she likes to have a good time. You can often spot Swift dancing and singing along to performances, much like your average American young adult would at his or her favorite concert or party.

8. She loves trends


Ballet bar exercises are all the rage in Hollywood and beyond, and Swift has been spotted using this workout method.

9. She embraces single life

Taylor Swift Sl

While Swift might seem to be always on the hunt for her next beau, she knows how to value single life as well. Swift is often seen vacationing with her best girlfriends, without a potential suitor in sight.

10. She loves her family


Swift’s mama is often seen by her side on red carpets and at awards shows. Like many young adults, Swift recognizes the importance of family support.

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