10 Random Facts about Jason Statham

December 19, 2013

1. He was an Olympic Diver

Jason Statham

You read that right, people. Jason Statham served as a member of the British National Diving Team and even managed to finish 12th in the World Championship way back in 1992. This only proves one thing – he really is part alien and Chuck Norris hybrid.

2. He is His Own Stuntman


In the action packed movie The Transporter circa 2002, Statham did almost all his own stunts. The car chase sequences, the scuba diving work and the frame by frame fighting. Consider us impressed.

3. He is an Expert in Mixed Martial Arts… and Kickboxing

Martial Arts

So what does that mean exactly? Well, basically you should never get on this guy’s bad side. Mixed martial arts is one of the most exciting forms of professional fighting in the world, evoking a variety of specialized moves. Note to self: Always be overly kind to Jason Statham.

4. He Will Probably Never Win an Oscar

Oscar Winner

Statham stated that he’d probably never win an Oscar and sadly he’s probably right. Films like Crank, The Expendables and Death Race aren’t really literary plot masterpieces. However, can you really compare Sly Stalone to Leo Dicaprio? Well you could but Stalone would kick his butt.

5. He’s Worked with Sylvester Stalone

Sylvester Stalone

Speaking of Sly, when Statham worked on his 2011 film The Expendables Stalone was his director. Jason had this to say on working with the legendary action star, “He is someone that you have to respect and with that he runs a very relaxed set.”

6. He is Quite a Character… Literally

Jason Stantham

Though we are used to seeing him kick and punch his way through the big screen, Statham was in a movie that you probably never even knew about. Gnomeo and Juliet, a Shakespearean based children’s flick, featured Statham showing off his voice over talent as Tybalt the Gnome.

7. He Was a Model

Jason Stathman

Don’t worry diehard action fans. He didn’t set out to be a model. He was discovered by a talent scout who hooked him up with big gigs such as Levi Strauss and The French Connection. He hated his smile so he posed with a scowl… good thing. It was why Guy Ritchie sought him out to act in his films.

8. He’s in Call of Duty

Call Of Duty

Arguably the most popular video game of our time, Statham is the voice of Sgt. Waters in the mega-hit multiplayer phenomenon. He also served as Shrike in Red Faction II.

9. No One is Sure When He was Born

Jason Statham

Just more proof that this guy isn’t from our planet, information sites have two different takes on when Statham was born. Some say 1967 and some say 1972… but whenever he was born, we have a feeling he came out kicking, screaming and just as bald as he is today.

10. He’s Great a Chess

jasson stattham

During his movie stints, he spent a lot of time learning to play chess. Rumor has it he often beat Guy Ritchie… and Ritchie still owes him quite a lot of money. World class fighter and chess player? Who knew?!

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