10 Celebs Successful At Hiding Their Unique Deformities


Becoming a household name requires a certain degree of physical perfection. You don’t necessarily have to be a supermodel to make it big, but you do have to have a certain look, one that can work on a book jacket or in a glossy gossip magazine.

The constant deluge of photoshopped publicity stills sometimes makes us forget that celebrities are people like us, complete with physical imperfections that they’d like to keep out of the spotlight.

Here are a few celebrities with some unusual physical quirks they don’t always feel like putting on display.

1. Denzel Washington

Can you believe that chiseled action movie icon and two-time Oscar winner is pushing sixty? That’s right.

Denzel Washington exhibits a damn near perfect physique at 59 years old.

He made a name for himself back in the 80s and 90s as a world-class acting talent, winning an Academy Award for his role as an ex-slave turned soldier in “Glory”.

He scored a Best Actor statue for portraying the mercurial corrupt cop Alonzo Harris in 2001’s “Training Day”, and he’s since filled out his resume with a profusion of well-crafted action titles in addition to his award-baiting pictures.

He also has a misaligned pinky on his right hand. The actor broke it in a basketball accident when he was a child and never sought correct medical attention. It sticks out from the rest of his hand by about an inch when he makes a fist.

It’s never been displayed prominently in any films he’s done, but Denzel’s never been shy about it. The actor frequently displays his unique hands in publicity photos, always every bit as suave and confident in real life as he is onscreen.

Lately he’s been dabbling in Shakespeare on stages across America, so if you want to catch a glimpse of his rugged right hand you might have to shill out for a ticket.

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