10 Celebrities Who Also Saved Lives In Real Life

December 20, 2013

1. Mila Kunis


Mila Kunis observed a 50-year-old man seizing in her home while he was doing work on her property and she had a friend dial 911 while Mila Kunis took action. She rolled the man on his side so that he would be able to avoid choking, while she braced his head.

2. Ryan Gosling


Ryan Gosling was able to split up a serious fight that was happening right in the middle of the street. There were many people who simple watched as the two grown men went at it. Not Ryan Gosling! He walked right up to the altercation and resolved it by paying the vendor for the painting that the other man allegedly stole.

3. Dustin Hoffman


Dustin Hoffman was able to help a jogger who collapsed in London’s Hyde Park. He went over to help the person in need and called the authorities. This was an unlikely victim because the young 27 year old had a heart attack in the middle of a jog. Thanks to Hoffman’s quick thinking the young adult made a complete recovery.

4. Steve Buscemi


Steve Buscemi used to be a firefighter and when the news of the needed extra support in NYC after 9/11, he returned to his former career to assist in any way he could. He was down in the dirt at ground zero looking for survivors and casualties through the dust.

5. Demi Moore


Demi Moore was able to save the lives of two of her fans. When the fans expressed on Twitter that they were contemplating suicide, the actress chatted with them and contacted the authorities. Both fans are still alive and well.

6. Tom Cruise


Tom Cruise is like the all-star of celebrity heros. He paid the hospital bills of a person that he saw get hit by a car. The car took off and Cruise came to the rescue. Then he saved two boys who were trapped against the fence by raving fans, and then a third time he rescued people who were victims of a sinking boat!

7. Harrison Ford


Harrison Ford pilots helicopters and has made a couple of rescue missions over the years. He saves two young female hikers who had become stranded, and also a young boy scout who got separated from his troop.

8. Kate Winslet


Kate Winslet was able to rescue a 90-year-old woman from a house that was up in flames. She was staying in the same house as the family of the older woman and she picked the woman up in her arms when the estate became engulfed in fire.

9. Jennifer Lawrence


Jennifer Lawrence, the star from the Hunger Games films has been reported to do her fair share to keep the people in her community safe. It was reported that she came to the rescue when a sick woman fainted on the sidewalk. Jennifer Lawrence proceeded to call the paramedics who were about to perform life saving care.

10. Prince Harry


Prince Harry stopped what he was doing and went to help a fellow polo player when he was hit so hard he became unconscious. Prince Harry helped in all the ways that he knew how to help Bash Kazi to become conscious again. Kazi did sustain a concussion; however, avoided further injury thanks to Prince Harry.

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