10 ‘Breaking Bad’ Facts You Didn’t Know Before

December 23, 2013

1. There really is a Walter White


Though there were quite a few copycat dealers that came through after Breaking Bad began, (some even teachers) before the show was even a thought America’s Most Wanted featured a man named Walter White with a successful meth business.

2. There was also a real Heisenberg

Walt’s alter ego quite cleverly gave a hat tip to famed physicist Werner Heisenberg. One of the most influential of the 20th century, the real Heisenberg won a Nobel Prize for the theory of quantum mechanics.

3. Wendy Looks REALLY Different in Real Life

Wendy looks like she could use an intervention, a makeover and a tube of Crest… but in real life Julia Minesci is super healthy and quite beautiful, having ran countless marathons and participated in the Hawaii Ironman six times. Safe to say we never saw that coming.

4. The White Family Belongs to a Real Family


The house you see on TV has taken quite the creative license but the home itself belongs to a woman simply known as Fran. Though production covered her prized pool and though thousands of cars drive by each week to catch a glimpse… Fran doesn’t seem to mind.

5. Breaking Bad Gives Back

With a show so riddled in heavy drug use, it’s no wonder that those who dabble in drug use are tuning in. The show decided to capitalize on that to do something good, using the popularity of the show to give rehab scholarships to those wanting to kick the habit.

6. The Mute Twins Are SERIOUSLY Scary


Remember the twins who tried to get Hank? They were seriously creepy… and even look the part in real life. Both had done time in jail and one even had the words F.U. tattooed on his eyelids. They had to place a metal spoon around his eyeball to prevent puncturing them.

7. Blue Meth Truly is Expensive

Unfortunately the show has had lots of negative backlash. Blue meth really is more expensive than colorless but drug dealers added blue food coloring to try to get more money to feed addictions.

8. Seinfeld was Like Breaking Bad Kindergarten


Though the plots are as different as night and day – Breaking Bad actually having one and Seinfeld – well, yada, yada, yada… many of the cast members had guest roles in the classic comedy sitcom far from their bad boy roles on the show.

9. The Science is Off…

And the producers know it. Though it’s important to film realistically, in this case, safety had to win out. The producers were afraid that their fans might try to make meth for real… and no one wanted to see their fans self-destruct.

10. Bryan Cranston was a Power Ranger

You know you loved them as a kid… and you can’t even front. Still, there’s just something about Bryan Cranston in that spandex suit that makes us need to laugh until we pee a little. Thanks so much, Power Ranger production crew. You just made our life.

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  1. kgelner January 18, 2014 at 4:35 am - Reply

    Half of these pretty much everyone knew – especially Heisenberg. Anyone with the tiniest bit of scientific interest knows about Heisenberg.

  2. Hershey Maxwell Barber January 8, 2014 at 10:18 pm - Reply

    He was a villain on Power Rangers not an actual Ranger. Tisk tisk.

  3. Jamie Catherine January 5, 2014 at 9:26 pm - Reply

    Knew the Heisenberg thing. There’s also a scientific principle named after him, the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, stating basically that you can never know the exact speed and location of an electron, because trying to measure it changes the outcome. Fitting name for a drug manufacturer/dealer.

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